Recipes “L’italiano”

Are you thinking to cook italian food for this summer?

Here is two awesome video recipe from Italy!

The first one is to make Spaghetti. Come on and impress your boyfriend, friends or mom with this classic dish. Follow the recipe and take all the ingredients you need. Then, taste and post a comment. Tell me if you enjoyed your meal!

At the end, after a good meal, probably you need to have a coffee. The tradition needs to have a Moka Pot. Its still actual an iconic design displayed in modern industrial and modern museum. MOKA came from by the inventor Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti, in 1933If Bill Gates used to say…

“In the future i’ll see a one computer on every desk and one in every home”
B. Gates

we could also say:

“In the present all the human should still have a moka pot in their home to prepare awesome coffees”


Studiotredici’s Staff


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