Li Xiaodong Interview

Shooting interviews could be fantastic but you have to take some tricks. Such as recording the voice as the best and the image should be the same. In this case i had some difficult to extract the voice from the interview because the Signal Noise Ratio was very little. Instead, if you have a lot of noise but the voice of the person recorded is louder, you may get a better result when you use a noise reduction tool.

For the last three monts i was working with TCA Think Tank of Milan, an international research group founded in Shanghai in 2011 by Italian architect Pier Alessio Rizzardi and Chinese architect Zhang Hankun. Through the production of innovative projects and research,TCA pushes our understanding of our present condition, exploring the Theoretical Condition of Architecture. 

I was asked to edit a number of videos including short documentary and interviews. You can see it here.

For me it’s exciting to work with them for different way. I’m glad to work directly with the founder Pier Alessio. He is a kind person and i feel confortable to work with him. He know what he want and so its easy to give him what he want. 

It’s also beautiful to work with footage taked in place i’ve never been, China. Is beautiful to see the difference in places, and of the other country. Because we never stop learning from each other. And thanks to my profession which give me this possibility.

All the videos and interviews will be inserted in a collection at the next Biennale di Venezia of Architecture named FUNDAMENTALS, where TCA Think Tank will have a place.

All the best,
Studiotredici’s Staff


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