Lens Flare…in Turin

Hey Whatsup!?

We’ve just returned home from a trip around the city capturing some extra stock footage. The sun was High. And the light was perfect.
Here is some screenshot from out shots!

You probably asking yourself what da f*** is that crazy light coming out directly from the sun, don’t you?
Is not a problem, its just a Lens Flare! You can do by yourself too.
Just take your camera, go out for a walk and point the lens in front of the sun. Be sure to switch on the Live View mode so you can be sure to don’t burn your eyes! Sun is really hot!
You know to be sure that this is a real lens flare, and not a post production effects made by some tutorial on the net. Yes, you will get sure more satisfaction by getting it by real than adding this effects on your AE software or what else!

N.B. Is not a J.J. Abrams affections today. Just check out THIS VIDEO i found on the net!

Those shoots will be soon uploaded on our Shutterstock contributor page and everybody can be free do pay and download them in Full HD quality!

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All the best,

Studiotredici’s staff



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